Charity – RAPA Supports the “Siebenstern-School” in Selb

Giving Children a Future through Education – RAPA supports the “Siebensternschule”, a special school in Selb

Family business stands by local social commitment

RAPA supports the Siebensternschule in Selb with a donation of 5,000 euros. On 13.12.2022 Eva Schwarzmeier, the assistant of the holding management, handed over the donation check on site. She was informed about the current situation at the educational institution and learned from principal Carola Walter how the school family currently manages its daily routine.

Principal Carola Walter (left in picture) was delighted with a generous donation from RAPA. On December 13, 2022, Eva Schwarzmeier (on the right in the picture) and Johanna Gare (not in the picture), personal assistants to the RAPA board and management, officially handed over a donation to the principal of the Siebensternschule in Selb.

Inflation and increased energy prices are a burden on many families whose children attend the Siebensternschule. For some time now, a school support association has been helping when parents are no longer able to pay for school lunches, class trips, learning materials or special educational projects. In addition to the support provided by the booster club, however, the school needs additional donors and helpers. “The generous gift from RAPA comes just at the right time,” Carola Walter is pleased to say. “Especially in recent months, the need has increased, and we don’t want to leave any of our students behind.”

For RAPA board member Ms. Karin Wolf, the Seven Star School is doing valuable work to prepare all children in the best possible way for vocational training and independent living. “I’m also impressed by how the teaching staff cultivates cooperative ventures with trades, commerce and industry in order to get school-leavers into vocational training.”

During the on-site appointment, Eva Schwarzmeier also received information about school meals. A daily breakfast is offered for all children in the neighboring school café OASE and, in addition, the children in the all-day classes receive lunch at school. The current price development of food makes this offer of the school more expensive. The donation from RAPA will be used for this purpose, among others.

As a private special education school, the Siebensternschule focuses on the areas of learning focuses on learning, language and emotional-social development. At present, approximately 120 students are taught in grades 1-9. As part of its regional social commitment, RAPA is a sponsoring partner of the institution in Selb.

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