Three brands – one strong group

RAPA brings together three brands under one roof. Our versatility is reflected in the business areas of the automotive industry, medical technology and modern manufacturing industries. By uniting these three strong brands, we are able to exploit synergies, share common resources and offer a wide range of high quality products and services.
With passion and expertise, we set new standards in these industries and are proud to offer solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Discover our brands and be inspired by our innovative strength and our pursuit of excellence.

Autonomous driving, e-mobility and digitalization – RAPA Automotive is active wherever premium car manufacturers and first-tier suppliers are redefining the future of driving.

The internationally oriented automotive supplier develops and manufactures precision valve components and highly complex systems for the chassis, transmission and comfort control systems for the convertible top and luggage compartment, as well as solutions for sensor cleaning for driver assistance systems.

RAPA Healthcare is the international medical technology brand of the RAPA Group. The company offers medical device manufacturers a comprehensive range of products and services. It specializes in the customer-specific development and series production of valve components, fluid management systems and microfluidic solutions. Individual valves, assemblies and complete systems are manufactured. In addition, intelligent services (smart services) such as electronics and software are offered to provide holistic integration solutions.

RAPA Industry is the most traditional division in the RAPA Group. It emerged from the production of solenoid valves for controlling liquid and gaseous media, which was established at the end of the 1960s. The high-quality industrial valves developed and manufactured today are used in many different industries where precise regulation and control of gases or liquids under special conditions is required. We offer standard solutions and develop customized special solutions according to your wishes and requirements.


Solutions for a wide range of applications – RAPA is everywhere.

What do a luxury car have in common with a dialysis machine and an industrial oven with a vacuum pump? Quite simply: RAPA valve technology is everywhere.

Our products are invisible at first glance, but indispensable. They work in secret, usually in places that are difficult to see or inaccessible. Even experienced professionals sometimes have to look closely to discover a valve from our quality production. From the automotive industry to medical technology and industrial production – RAPA is everywhere.

With our solutions, we are helping to make life not only safer and more comfortable, but also more environmentally friendly and to shape a future worth living. We are driving forward technical and economic modernization.

Discover the invisible power of RAPA and find out how we help innovative technologies and products to function smoothly. As an engineering and technology-oriented company, we at RAPA focus on intelligent, innovative and sustainable solutions to drive technological progress. With our expertise and passion for technology, we develop products and solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible. We are proud to use our technology to drive change in various industries and meet the needs of our customers.

Target market hydrogen industry

Hydrogen valves for fuel cell systems

RAPA is committed to hydrogen applications, as hydrogen will play a key role in achieving climate targets in the future. The sophisticated medium of hydrogen will be used in more and more fields of application in the future. To ensure safe operation, all components that come into contact with hydrogen must be suitable.

We are ready for your challenge!

If you are working on applications for H2 infrastructure, storage and utilization: Contact us to discuss your specification, design concept and plant layout.

We will work with you to define the required valves, produce and calculate designs and build prototypes that you will need for later use in series production.

Component development for hydrogen storage

The following aspects are development goals for our H2 components, depending on the area of application:

  • Low and high pressure range
  • Low leakage values
  • Long service life
  • High flow rates in a small installation space
  • Temperature and vibration requirements
  • Protection classes up to IP6K9K
  • Material suitability for contact with high-pressure hydrogen
  • Approval or testing according to EC79