Healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

The Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner and this year it falls on June 3rd according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  We wish all our Chinese business partners and employees a joyful and beautiful Dragon Boat Festival.

RAPA Automotive China will be closed due to Dragon Boat holidays on June 3, 2022. We will return to regular opening hours on June 6. We thank you in advance for your understanding and wish you a happy holiday.

The Dragon Boat Festival, is one of the most important festivals celebrated in China and has a history of over 2000 years. As is the case with many of these festivals, there are many legends, customs and traditions surrounding the Dragon Boat Festival.

Read further to learn more about the festival!

Don’t miss the dragon boat race

The Dragon Boat Festival owes its name to the most famous activity – dragon boat races. Teams of 30 to 60 people row in wooden, dragon-shaped boats, accompanied by the sound of drums.  It is believed that the winning team will have good luck and a happy life in the following year. If you happen to be in China during this festival, why not find out where the next race will be held and pick a team to cheer on to victory!

No Dragon Boat Festival is complete without sticky rice dumplings

According to tradition, sticky rice dumplings (zongzi 粽子) are eaten during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival. The delicious food is made from glutinous rice nowadays. The dumplings are wrapped in bamboo or lotus leaves and tied together with colorful silk strings. Fillings vary; there are both savory and sweet rice dumplings: Meat, dates, red beans are just a few examples of possible fillings.

Fragrant bags are part of the package

Children often carry these as they are believed to offer protection and bring good luck. They are usually made of cloth or paper and filled with fragrant herbs. Many families also hang Chinese mugworts on their doors and walls to ward off illness. Their scent is also very pleasant and deters flies and mosquitoes