Happy Birthday Horst Pausch

We wish you all the best, health, stay curious and continue to be interested in the developments of RAPA!

This is the message we send to Horst Pausch, who celebrates his 80th birthday on April 17. Congratulations from the entire staff, the Board of Confidence, the Supervisory Board and the RAPA Board of Directors, represented by Roman Pausch and Karin Wolf.

Horst Pausch shaped our company from 1977 to 2010 as managing partner. As a representative of the third generation, he demonstrated the right instinct for entering the automotive supplier business in the 1980s. If our expertise and development competence in e-mobility and autonomous driving systems are in demand in the luxury car sector today, we have to state: without Horst Pausch’s pioneering spirit and the contacts he established in the automotive industry, this would not have been possible. He laid the foundation for the growth of our group of companies and the workforce. Our “senior boss” also accompanied the social activities of RAPA in Selb whenever he could.

RAPA without Horst Pausch? Unthinkable.

We are grateful that he continues to accompany us as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and supports “his RAPA” with advice and ideas. Especially in these difficult times for Europe, society and the economy, we are happy to recall the guiding principles of our former managing director. Horst Pausch always looked to the future with optimism, demonstrated the courage to take risks and was committed to cohesion within the company.