“Power Pulse Technology” to Minimize Turbocharger Lag

Developing new, innovative technologies lies at the core of Rausch & Pausch GmbH (RAPA) strategic objective. Our goal is to develop long term relationships through innovation and maximization of customer awareness within the automotive marke. Launched in early 2015, the “Power Pulse Valve” (PPV) project has been extremly successful in pursuing the company’s aim.

In collaboration with Volvo Cars, headquartered in Gothenburg, RAPA has developed a technology capable of eliminating the extremely unpopular “turbo lag” that is experienced with diesel engines. At this time, the power pulse technology will be used in the premium models S90, V90 and the large SUV XC90. These models are fitted with Volvo’s 2.0 liter 235-HP four-cylinder diesel engine.

The best ideas are usually simple ones. The power pulse involves a compact, electrically driven compressor which is installed as an auxiliary unit on the engine. It draws fresh air from a small section after the air filter box which it then compresses and stores in a 2.0-liter pressure tank. When the driver decides to accelerate quickly from vehicle standstill position, or after driving slowly, the RAPA designed solenoid valve opens and instantly sends pressurized air into the exhaust stream turbo impeller. This drives the turbo impeller enabling it to reach its speed faster because it does not have to wait for a build-up of exhaust pressure. This fully eliminates the typical problem of turbo lag with no hesitation in the response.

The challenge for the project team was to develop a completely new and demanding field of application for our valve while working under extreme time pressure. The high level of innovation, motivation and commitment of the people involved in the project enabled us to succeed and start volume production in April 2016. The company is currently working on a new generation of the power pulse valve.

This project has opened up an extremely exciting area of application for RAPA and has underscored our strength of service and customer-centric thinking.