Product and service portfolio

We develop and produce your customized product

We offer development services and the manufacture of customized products. Our primary goal is to understand and fulfill your requirements right from the start. Through intensive collaboration and technical excellence, we realize your visions by actively involving you as a partner in the development process (open innovation). The success of numerous projects is proof of our innovative strength and our innovative approach. We pride ourselves on building long-term partnerships and creating innovative products that exceed your expectations. At RAPA, our team of talented development engineers is characterized by the ability to not only understand your needs, but also to anticipate them and translate them into groundbreaking solutions.

Product modification

Individual customization

With our product modification approach, we offer you customized solutions based on proven technology. By cleverly combining existing modular components and using agile development methods, we achieve a minimum development time. The modular principle of our product families allows us to make individual adjustments without having to reinvent the wheel. This not only ensures fast delivery, but also high quality thanks to the use of established manufacturing processes. We focus on your ideas and wishes, while skillfully adapting existing processes to meet your requirements.

New developments and special solutions

Customized solutions

Our expertise in new developments enables us to work with you to develop individual solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. From design to electronics and software development, we use our application knowledge and many years of experience to realize your optimum product. We attach great importance to a regulated product development process that ensures a high level of reliability through various milestones and gates. Thanks to agile development methods and our manufacturing expertise, we achieve reasonable development times and ensure that your product not only meets your requirements, but can also be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively.

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