Solenoid valve blocks for Chinese automotive manufacturers

RAPA Automotive agrees long-term deliveries with two top German suppliers

Solenoid valve blocks for Chinese automotive manufacturers

Since 2020, the medium-sized RAPA group of companies has been represented representative and sales office in Shanghai. The engagement in the Chinese market was very successful from the beginning and now continues with new orders for the automotive division: Two leading German suppliers to Chinese suppliers to Chinese car manufacturers have signed framework agreements for the for the production of solenoid valve blocks for air suspensions. RAPA assumes a delivery period of six years. The orders have a total total volume of around 24 million euros. Both customers from the supply industry are specialists in electric drives and chassis components. They supply the most innovative Chinese electric brands.

Production Line, RAPA Selb site

Proven special valves made in Selb
The air suspension blocks will be installed in electric vehicles in the future, with series production scheduled to start in 2022. The valve blocks from RAPA are based on a tried-and-tested, excellently functioning technology that has already proven itself in semi-active chassis for decades. They are an elementary part of the air supply system that supplies the vehicle’s air springs with compressed air as needed. In this process, the RAPA valve block regulates the air volume in the individual air spring bellows, allowing the distance between the road surface and the vehicle underbody to be adjusted. The special valves, manufactured in Selb, enable the ground clearance to be adjusted quickly.

In terms of speed, flexibility and reliability of a compressed air supply system, the RAPA modules guarantee consistent values. This is particularly relevant for station wagons, off-road vehicles and SUVs in order to keep the level of the vehicle constant under different loading conditions. The same applies to driving at high speeds on the road or in rough terrain. As ground clearance increases, larger bumps can be overcome without coming into contact with the vehicle underbody.

Reducing air resistance, saving energy
Level control is also used to lower the vehicle body at high speeds, thus reducing air resistance. This also reduces energy consumption. Another advantage of air suspension is its excellent comfort, which is why it has become almost completely established as the suspension system used in the premium segment.

Absolutely up to date: RAPA solenoid valve blocks are used both in vehicles with combustion engines and in battery-electric vehicles. In addition, all valve variants can be adapted to different customer-specific requirements.

RAPA Automotive is one of the world’s recognized engineering and technology partners for components and system solutions in the automotive industry. The division produces at locations in Germany and the United States.

RAPA Solenoid Valve Block

About RAPA Automotive
RAPA Automotive is a wholly owned subsidiary of RAPA Holding and a globally qualified engineering and technology partner as well as system supplier to the automotive industry. Key customers include leading first-tier suppliers and manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar-Land Rover and Tesla. The service portfolio includesvalves and components for the chassis and transmission area as well as mechatronic system developments in the vehicle. RAPA Automotive is the largest and best-selling division of the group, contributing about 90% of sales. In 2020, RAPA generated sales over 170 million euros. The division is managed by Dr. Roman Pausch and Karin Wolf. In addition to its German headquarters in Selb (Bavaria), RAPA is also represented through branches in North America and China. About 900 employees work in the division; worldwide, the medium-sized group with international sales employs nearly 1000 people. For more information, visit

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