Camera and Sensor Cleaning Clēr™

Camera and Sensor Cleaning Clēr™

for driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles

Cleaning sensors is becoming increasingly important in automotive technology. Driving assistance systems and the soon to be approved autonomous driving will only work if sensors deliver clean data. In addition to camera and optical sensors, this also includes lidar and radar sensors. All the different sensors share one characteristic: they get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. Rain, mud, insects or the droppings of birds can contaminate the sensors. A dirty sensor cannot take reliable measurements and is therefore a danger to driver assistance systems and autonomous driving.
The innovative Clēr™ cleaning system ensures reliable cleaning of camera lenses and sensors. At the core is a modular Fluid Control Unit (FCU), which combines proven solenoid valves in a single valve block. The intelligent technology enables controlled metering and pressure control of fluids as needed. The system efficiently distributes fluid very sparingly, as there is usually only limited space available for the reservoirs, and yet always achieves optimum cleaning results. Another advantage: The innovative system can be easily integrated into a vehicle’s existing washing system.


  • Space-optimized overall system, compact design
  • Oscillating spraying for optimum cleaning results
  • Minimal consumption of cleaning liquid
  • Controlled dosing as required; Targeted spraying area
  • Designed for extremely cold environments
  • Easy integration into different vehicle platforms
  • Customized adaptability

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Modular Clēr™-FCU (Fluid Control Unit)

The Clēr™ FCU can be configured with as few as three independently controlled cleaning zones for today’s ADS features. Its modular design facilitates expansion for more complex AV designs. The modular and flexible design offers custom connection configurations, analog VDC or CAN/LIN capable controls, and easy engineering integration. Optimized pressure drop can be maintained for flow rates up to 1.7 LPM of washer fluid through a single valve, allowing optimal cleaning of sensor zones for up to five LIDAR cleaning nozzles. Optical sensor availability can be restored to a safe and functional level in less than one second using the advanced cleaning system.
For many applications, the cleaning process with liquid can be followed by a drying process with compressed air.

  • Custom hose connections
  • Analog VDC or CAN/LIN bus systems
  • Easy integration
  • Sophisticated and proven design
  • Available for air and liquids

Technical Information

Telescoping Nozzles

  • Unrestricted camera field of view
  • Protection from the environmental debris
  • Totally invisible behind a styled cap

Fixed Nozzles

  • Compact
  • Maximum durability
  • Styled to match your application


  • Smallest Packaging
  • Cylindrical Form Factor
  • Multiple Configurations Available


The effectiveness of the system has been successfully tested in real road traffic and supports most popular car brands.

Operating Principle

Innovative partnership of RAPA Automotive and dlhBOWLES

The Clēr™ cleaning system is the result of the first-ever collaboration between RAPA Automotive and dlhBOWLES. It was first introduced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The Clēr™ technology combines the expertise of the two vehicle fluid management specialists with intelligent solenoid valve technology. With this joint innovation project, dlhBOWLES and RAPA will deepen their close cooperation in the field of autonomous driving in the future.

»We look forward to continued successful development collaboration and are certain that OEMs will continue to benefit from our combined technology expertise in the future,” says Werner Döhla, RAPA consultant for innovation management.

»Anticipating our customers’ technical challenges before they face them is at the heart of our product development strategy,” said Carmen Jordan, CEO of RAPA LP. “The opportunity to partner with a company like dlhBOWLES should be seen as a clear commitment to this goal for our customers. Together, we will lead the way in providing solutions for our customers in the ever-changing and challenging technical landscape of autonomous driving.”

»Strong partnerships are becoming increasingly important as the supplier industry has to face the rapid developments and costs on the way to autonomous driving. The partnership with RAPA LP underscores our commitment to delivering excellence to our customers and reflects our desire to work with companies that share our vision for continuous improvement,” said John Saxon, CEO of dlhBOWLES.

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About dlhBowles

dlhBOWLES is a leading supplier of fluid management and automotive system technology applications. For more than 50 years, the company has designed and manufactured fluidics and system components for camera and sensor wash systems, windshield washers, powertrain, chassis, and sunroof products. It also offers a wide range of consumer products such as consumer sprays, plumbing supplies, irrigation and more. The company is headquartered in Ohio, has an injection molding, engineering and R&D facility in Columbia, manufacturing in Reynosa Mexico, and offices in Michigan. dlhBOWLES employs more than 1,900 people and operates several manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout North America.