The people behind the technology

RAPA Healthcare – The People behind the Technology

How we support our customers from the idea to the finished part, component or system

Reinhard Schlechte
CEO RAPA Healthcare & Industry

“RAPA received the Top 100 Innovator Seal at the beginning of this year in recognition of our excellent innovative work. The RAPA Healthcare division is another building block in this long, traditional success story. Our employees accompany your projects from the idea, design and prototype construction to assembly and production as well as support you in the event of changes to your components. We deliver our certified ISO quality in small, medium and large series. The development and production in our in-house production facility at the company headquarters in Selb guarantees short distances and thus fast solutions, highest precision, a close personal development cooperation with our customers and short reaction times in case of production changes.”

Günter Knubbe
Senior Key Account Manager

“I am the central contact person for customers from the medical technology sector. It is important to me that the people behind RAPA Healthcare and our customers know each other personally. This is how long-standing partnerships are formed, of which we are very proud. As a full-service provider, RAPA can offer customer-specific solutions and thus ensure that costs do not get out of hand despite the individuality. We achieve this primarily through modular construction systems, with individual engineering, concentrated engineering services and precisely fitting agreements with the customers.”

Katharina Dörfel
Sales Assistance

„As a sales assistant, I support our sales team in all administrative tasks and ensure that data flows cleanly and reliably from the back office to the front office and that it is available in a timely manner. In addition, I take care of existing customers and, of course, acquire new customers as well as preparation of quotations and order tracking. I’m the helping hand in the background, so to speak, organize appointments for my sales colleagues and being the contact person for guests, customers and business partners. I also take on tasks and contribute creatively to trade fair organization and performance.”

Werner Schieweck
Engineer/Technician R&D

“Over the many years of my professional career at RAPA, I have acquired a lot of know-how about various technologies and how to implement them. RAPA Healthcare, as a supplier of components and systems in medical and analytical devices, offers me the opportunity to constantly develop myself. Since the beginning of this year, I have been working as a Senior Technical Expert in the division Industry and Healthcare and can support many colleagues and departments with my knowledge. These include Günter Knubbe, our key account manager, and the development department, which I support, for example, in the development of valve components through to series implementation.”

Andreas Arnhold
Quality Management

“For us, it is important that each component meets the high requirements of the medical industry and is manufactured conscientiously by our employees in design and assembly. Under certain circumstances, human lives may depend on it. Of course, we only use high-quality technologies and materials for our valves and components. Processes and procedures are permanently optimized by our quality management and checked by audits at regular intervals. For this reason, we have submitted to the ISO 13485 standard and have met the strict requirements of this international guideline since 2021.”

Philipp Höllein
Product Development

“The broad and proven valve technology forms the foundation for many specific product developments. The fact that this task has been successfully mastered by RAPA time and again is shown by our customer references, which – nationally and internationally – tell of the most diverse projects. Developing customer-specific components is always a challenge that I personally enjoy meeting. It is a common practise to us, that we maintain a long-standing partnership with many of our customers. Of course, trust and things matters like data protection, confidentiality and loyalty also play a central role in our collaboration.”

Béla Teuscher
Product Development

“In product development, it’s important to recognize the most important technology trends on the market and to react quickly to them. This allows me to work with my colleagues on new ideas and, above all, to innovate. By innovation, we mean tailor-made, customer-oriented solutions of the highest quality at competitive costs. Today’s technologies are sometimes as complex and special as they are costly and time-consuming. By involving the customer and their knowledge in the product and process development at an early stage, we ensure that the focus is on real customer needs.”

Tobias Lang
Product Development

“Bringing ideas to life – that’s my passion. Turning an idea into a finished and high-quality product that solves problems. And from the close interaction between our customers and us, the developers, individual components and new technologies are created at RAPA Healthcare, specially tailored to customer and market requirements. Always. All products that roll off the production line at RAPA are completely tailored to the respective customer. This is a key factor in RAPA’s rapid development speed and shortened product launches. This is what our customers rely on.”