Audited environmental management

RAPA has been validated in accordance with the EMAS regulation since 2016. The EU eco-audit is a “voluntary commitment” for environmental protection and sustainability in the company. The validation is based on a comprehensive environmental statement. We have been certified in accordance with the internationally applicable ISO14001 standard, which is part of our integrated management system, since 2007. Conformity with ISO 14001 is also checked in the annual EMAS audits.

Taking responsibility

EMAS certification includes an environmental statement audited by an environmental auditor. In it, we present all environmentally relevant activities, publish environmental performance, environmental targets and data on emissions and energy consumption, for example. The assessor visited the site, inspected the production facilities and interviewed employees. The validation confirms that RAPA complies with all environmental regulations and fulfills the high requirements of the EMAS regulation.

As a crucial part of our communication, the detailed environmental statement that we publish annually covers the information needs of our interested parties. We provide you with the environmental declarations for download. If you prefer a printed version, please contact us at info@rapa.com.

Why did we choose EMAS?

EMAS is the world’s most demanding system for sustainable environmental management. The requirements go beyond a pure management system. It implies a continuous improvement in environmental performance. Our environmental management is lived and strengthens the identification of each individual with RAPA’s environmental protection interests.

Contact person

Sebastian Bergler

Sebastian Bergler

Environmental Management Officer Environmental and Energy Manager

+49 9287 884-6497